Fortune Panda

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The giant panda is a symbol of China's internationalization. It is famous all over the world for its lovely face, mopping body, and the characteristics of peace. However, in Chinese culture, the giant panda is considered to have special healing power and is a symbol of fate and luck.Panda is a very old and rare animal. The first story about giant pandas was widely known three thousand years ago. They live in almost all the southern and eastern regions of China.

The eastern forest picked up the gambler to identify its inhabitants. The main thing is a beautiful child who likes reeds. Red pandas are surrounded by other animals that, according to ancient beliefs, bring you destiny and happiness.

Packed with icons representing traditional Chinese culture and all major aspects of panda life, this exciting game is a great way to participate in the surroundings of this iconic creature. Against the backdrop of the reed forest in China's original panda habitat, these five reel slots provide a total of 50 fixed payment lines, and there are many opportunities to prove the panda's luck. These symbols are divided into classic and pandas, with expert numbers from 9 to Ace, and picture cards with small gems and crown logos. The Chinese icons include arowana, lotus, frog, crane and some reeds, which are very interesting and very realistic.