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Gentleman thief and his romantic theft story! Get excited about his theft announcement and watch out!There are 25 pay lines in this slot; valid pay lines are as follows.On Lupin slot, the first winning symbol must be on the leftmost reel. Exceptionally, you can win free spins with 3 Scatters regardless of their position at the reel.Five Jackpot symbols on one of 25 valid pay lines shown in the pay table give you a jackpot.

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Money Bunny

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Online slot machine Money Bunny is Eyecon's video slot game that takes players into a cute and mild fictional world composed entirely of cute bunnies. Don't let fluffy animals distract you too much, because the game has some high-quality surprises that you may not need to ignore.

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Robin Hood is a heroic comedian whose legend was first described in English folklore, and later exposed in literature and film. Following the legend, he is a very skilled archer and swordsman. In some versions of the legend he was described as a noble birth, while in modern welding he was sometimes described as fighting in the Crusades before returning to England in search of land occupied by the sheriff. In the longest known version, he was not an expert in customs. He traditionally wore a green Lincoln costume, and he is said to have stolen money from the rich and given it to the poor.

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Oh My Hero

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Oh My Hero is a 5-reel game with 20 paylines which features a couple of hot and steamy firefighter characters who would risk life and limb to rescue you spinners out there, whether its from a burning building or just your everyday life monotony!

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Seasons Greeting

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The Seasons slot machine is a multi-line slot machine, which is very different from other general slot machines. There are 5 rolls and 50 lines per season. The interface is designed in Eastern and Western holidays, with colorful icons very distinctive. Don't miss any chance of winning. And, the multi-line slot gameplay greatly increases your chances of winning. XE-88's Seasons slot machine allows you to win the highest prize or the highest chance of winning with the smallest bet amount.

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With this slot machine, Chinese history will once again start an exciting period. You need to know that this legend is also known as the Monkey King. Legend has it that he was born from a stone and was a monkey with super powers. He even dared to rebel against heaven and was punished by the Buddha's imprisonment. With such experience, you can play the major events in this game for free on 15 paylines.

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