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The spectacular "Alice in Wonderland" online game slot machine has 20 paylines, 4 lines and 5 reels. Playson developers invite all fans of the free slot machine to spin free and receive bonuses, follow Alice along the rabbit hole and feel the magic of Wonderland! If

you want to play a fun video slot, this game will definitely enchant you! When Alice appears on the reel, she may laugh and stretch from the line that appears to the top. Each pair of cells she covers must bet 1

Each time the winning spins, the vial with the paper label appears on the reel around the neck. The word "gambling" is written on the paper label. Drink it and you will be transferred to the Queen's Court. She summoned five card guardians. Her card guardian will show you the value. Try to find a higher value guardian to beat the Queen's card. If you succeed, your spin round bonus will double.