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 About-Live 22

Live22 is one of Indonesia's leading online casinos for slot games, providing Indonesian gamblers with a quality online gambling and betting experience. Live22 upgrades itself on online slot games with immersive environments. We offer your favorite slot games, compatible with tablets and Android phones, so you can gamble anytime, anywhere. Live22 provides advanced security systems that revolutionize the way we gamble online slot machines.

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Highway Kings

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If you like distant adventures and high trucks, try Highway Kings Casino Slots. It has 5 reels and 9 paylines. As a rider of the "Huge Truck", embark on an interesting journey. Wheels, dice and trucker caps are cheaper than gas stations and colorful trucks. 

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Justic Bao

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Make sure that the size of the bet is adjustable, starting with a starting bet of $0.01 and a full bet of $1,000, which allows you to play with your comfort amount. In the final statistics, a huge salary will include more than one wildness about the judicial treasure. Please pay

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Imperial Chaise

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The slot machine game developer GamingSoft apparently didn't think of it, and filled the Imperial Chaise video slot with the fine details of the princess, peacock, garden and flowers, making it the most attractive we've seen in a while. One of the games.

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Jingle Winnings

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The Jingle Winnings slot machine brings the extraordinary atmosphere of Christmas to men and women. Stunning 3D graphics, cartoon symbols such as snow, bells, candy bars and bouquets, as well as the opportunity to unlock some bonus features make this slot

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Little Fantail

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Anyone who maintains a golden goldfish will get used to Little Fantail on Live22 with many symbols, including shells, plants, windmill jewelry and cute cartoon fish floating on the sides, giving a gift when someone is in the right position. More rolled. This is a 5-reel online

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