Funky Monkey

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How To Play??

1)Players have 30sec to bet and may switch unit at the bottom to place a bet.

2)After the game is finished, the numbers of the 1st and 2nd monkeys will be selected, and players who bet on the combination will win based on the odds.

3)The Wukong event randomly occurs in the game with surprising bonus.


Multiplier Bonus & Free Monkey Bonus

1)When Wukong appears and gives the Multiplier Bonus, players may get x3 , x4 , or x5 wining bonus.

2)When Wukong appears and gives the Free Monkey Bonus, one of the monkeys will go straight forward to the end.

3)When the Free Monkey appears, 3 sets of the numbers will be the winning numbers. The winning probability thus increases.