Super Sic Bo

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At first glance, the many options on the Sic Bo betting table may lead people to believe that this is a complicated game. In fact, the facts are far from the truth. The player just bets the result of three dice. Naturally, the three dice have many possible outcomes. In addition

to the score of the dice itself, the player can also bet whether the total number is odd or even, high or low, in pairs, tripping or various combinations of dice. All available options are distributed in a variety of shapes on the bet table and size and corresponding odds to create a daunting casino Bois chess piece. But once you are even familiar with the setup and very basic rules, everything becomes clear.

Super Sic Bo performs live in a studio dedicated to Riga's studio. The dealer sits on a small table and shakes his throat to sit on it. Shaking the dice is very similar (though more peculiar) to the shaking of the popular board game "Helpless". This is a glass dome with a vibrating base with three dice inside. Bet before you activate the dome. Once the betting time has passed, the pedestal will vibrate, which will cause the scorpion to jump around the dome. Once the vibration stops, the scorpion will stop and record the three upper surfaces of the scorpion.