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Cockfighting is a gambling game familiar to Indonesian citizens. This time it is a trusted gambling agent that offers cockfighting products or cockfighting. Of course, as technology advances, the increase in speed can of course allow bettors to play gambling without having to gamble as in the past. Gambling players can play bets anywhere by using an internet connection, for example, a bettor can bet on a mobile phone. The SV388 is one of the most trusted gaming companies specializing in chicken cages, based in the Philippines, but you don't have to worry about how to bet the SV388's cock because we are the official agent for it.  According to the name of the game, "cockfighting" or "chicken" is of course a game that uses "chicken" as a gambling tool in which two strictly trained chickens will conflict with each other. There is an arena that will be used as a place where two chickens conflict, and a strong chicken should want to stand out in the cockfighting competition. The method of determining the winner is very easy. The chicken with the longest survival time is the winner, and the chicken that died automatically is declared lost.


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