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How To Play??

1)Players have 30sec to bet and may switch unit at the bottom to place a bet.

2)After the game is finished, the numbers of the 1st and 2nd monkeys will be selected, and players who bet on the combination will win based on the odds.

3)The Wukong event randomly occurs in the game with surprising bonus.


Bonus Pengganda & Bonus Monyet Gratis

1) Ketika Wukong muncul dan memberikan Bonus Pengganda, pemain mungkin mendapatkan bonus kemenangan x3, x4, atau x5.

2) Ketika Wukong muncul dan memberikan Bonus Monyet Gratis, salah satu kera akan langsung menuju akhir.

3) Ketika Monyet Gratis muncul, 3 set angka akan menjadi nomor pemenang. Probabilitas menang dengan demikian meningkat.