Fire 88

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Fire 88 video slot machine is one of the latest slot machines to bring classic entertainment to online casinos. Fire 88, produced by the emerging Maltese studio Pragmatic Play, is a high-definition slot game that provides a simple 3-axis gaming experience that includes

bonus features and three different jackpots. And all its bonus payments are available on desktop and any iOS / Android device.

Even with an oriental-oriented slot machine, the Fire 88 is not as targeted at high stakes games as many Asian slot machines. Instead, this slot machine offers a small betting limit that only requires 0.07 points per spin (0.01 points per coin x 7 paylines). In this game, the maximum coin value is 0.50 points, and you can also choose to bet up to 10 coins on each payline. If you choose the highest coin size and bet all ten coins, you can only bet up to 35 chips.

As with most slot machines, the Fire 88 pays from left to right, so to win the prize you need to get three symbols on the payline, starting with the first reel on the left. All payout values ​​in the payout table will be applied to your bet. So if you bet more coins per spin, you will get a prize ten times higher than a single coin bet.

The luckiest symbol among all these is the 88 symbol with a bonus of 100 coins (ie 100 times your payline bet). Other high-paying symbols are the diamond and lucky coin symbols, which pay for rewards of 60 and 30 coins, respectively. The game also has the classic single, double and triple BAR symbols in its paytable, but their design looks like the Chinese firecrackers here. These symbols pay a reward of 3 to 15 coins for a matching combination of 3 symbols, but when the mixed combination of 3 symbols appears on the payline, they will not pay any fees.